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Croswell Soil and Mulch Delivery

Best Ingredients for Best Gardens

We are a local family owned business supplying landscape materials in the the Mid-Hudson Valley, Catskill Mountain region for over 45 years!  Our equipment has changed, but our philosophy remains the same – to provide our customers with premium products and superior, courteous service. Our friendly staff is here to help. Our mission is simple:

  • Supply the best quality materials.   We take pride in producing high quality, clean organic soils and mulches.
  • Make appropriate product recommendations based on your project.
  • Provide you with prompt delivery service in a professional manner.  (We aren’t the utility company, we value your time!)
  • Provide customer satisfaction!  Our customers are our best advertisement.  We have built many strong, long lasting relationships over the years.  If you are happy, tell a friend.  If you aren’t, tell us!

We are the largest organic “green company.” in Marbletown.   Our customers, neighbors, and the environment are important to us.  We use state-of-the-art technologies and fuel efficient equipment to produce our products.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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Ode to Croswell

Delightfully friendly when we call,
with scheduling that is right on the ball.
The compost is so dark and loamy,
the topsoil is never stony,
and to the Dynamulch, the worms say yippee!
Promptly delivered in a cutting edge truck,
expertly piled, that never gets stuck.
Here it comes, all smart, spic, and span,
driven by a most handsome mustachioed man!

Seriously though, great people and great product. As a business we appreciate their punctuality and consistent products. As gardeners we love the organic, well tested Dynagro and the gorgeous Dynamulch.

Thanks for all your generous contributions to good earth of Kingston.
“As I was falling asleep last night I thought of my spring garden so, of course, I thought about Dynamulch from Croswell’s. Who doesn’t dream about a delivery of mulch, and the pleasure of spreading it around the beds? I dreamt about it for years before I called you. But I’d like to thank you all for more than the mulch. You’ve helped us with digging holes, removing debris and snow, building berms, shaping the driveway, placing huge stones, brush hogging the field and more. And it even looks easy when you do it! Thank you.” – Ferris Cook



We are an organic “green company.”

Exclusive producer of Dynamulch™ and Dynagro Soils™.

Dynamulch™ created and developed by Croswell Enterprises, LTD.

Made locally in Marbletown, Ulster County New York.

Serving Ulster, Dutchess, Greene, Sullivan, Delaware and Columbia Counties.

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