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Delivery and Yard Loading


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Please contact our office at (845) 331-4232 for prices.

 We accept cash, checks, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.

Unfortunately, we are unable to put more than one material on the

truck at a time.  The trucks have big open beds with no dividers.

Each material requires a separate delivery.

How much material will my pickup truck hold? The biggest concern when hauling your own material is how much WEIGHT your truck can legally carry as opposed to how much will FIT. An 8’ pickup truck will hold 2+ cubic yards water level but most trucks are not rated to carry this much weight.  It is important to check your truck owner’s manual for safe payload and your registration to know how much you are legal to haul.

Approximate Weight of Our Materials (per Cubic Yard)

Croswell Enterprises, Marbletown NY, Route 209, Dynamulch, Soil, Landscaping Mulch


We are an organic “green company.”

Exclusive producer of Dynamulch™ and Dynagro Soils™.

Dynamulch™ created and developed by Croswell Enterprises, LTD.

Made locally in Marbletown, Ulster County New York.

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