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We offer two mulches: Dynamulch™ and Landscape Mulch.

Dynamulch™ is our unique blend of natural wood mulch and nutrient rich compost.
Our Landscape Mulch is a finely ground, aged wood mulch made from trees, stumps and bark.
Both mulches are 100% organic and approved for organic gardening. 

We recommend mulching to a depth of at least 3″.



Our Best Selling Mulch

  • Premium, organic mulch and soil conditioner
  • Approved for organic use for farmers and gardeners.
  • Formulated to help correct problems with clay and sandy soils found in the Mid-Hudson Valley.
  • Dynamulch™ aids in helping your gardens adapt to our changing environment including acid rain and high sulfur emissions.
  • Dynamulch™ is an excellent soil conditioner/natural fertilizer.
  • Provides nutrients and minerals necessary to most plants and trees.
  • Dark brown/black in color with a neutral to slightly “sweet” ph.

All Natural Landscape Mulch

  • Shredded mulch medium to dark brown in color.
  • Visually enhances your landscape projects.
  • Approved for organic use for gardens.
  • Has no nutrient value.

Benefits of Mulching:

  • Controls erosion & unwanted weeds.
  • Helps to retain moisture.
  • Regulates root zone temperatures.
  • Adds visual enhancement.
  • Encourages earthworm development.
  • Aids in neutralizing acid rain.
  • Keeps soil workable allowing moisture to be absorbed easily.


We are an organic “green company.”

Exclusive producer of Dynamulch™ and Dynagro Soils™.

Dynamulch™ created and developed by Croswell Enterprises, LTD.

Made locally in Marbletown, Ulster County New York.

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