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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your products approved for certified organic growing? Yes, they are. We have several organic farmers in the area who use our products for certified organic growing. More information is available by calling our office.

2. How long have you been producing organic materials? Our goal has always been to provide 100% organic products to our customers. We have been doing so for over 44 years before it was even fashionable!

3. Will you help me figure out what product is best for my project? Of course! Part of our customer service is making appropriate recommendations.

4. How big is one cubic yard? A cubic yard is 3’ by 3’ by 3’. There are 27 cubic feet in one cubic yard. A 5’ business desk will yield a pile of approximately 2 cubic yards. You may also check out our calculator to figure out how much material your project will need.

5. How much material will my pickup truck hold? The biggest concern when hauling your own material is how much WEIGHT your truck can carry as opposed to how much will FIT. An 8’ pickup truck will hold 2+ cubic yards water level but most trucks are not rated to carry this much weight. It is important to check your truck owner’s manual for safe payload and your registration to know how much you are legal to haul.

Each Cubic Yard of Our Materials Weigh As Follows:



If you need some helpful hints about using our products visit our Tips & Tricks page.



We are an organic “green company.”

Exclusive producer of Dynamulch™ and Dynagro Soils™.

Dynamulch™ created and developed by Croswell Enterprises, LTD.

Made locally in Marbletown, Ulster County New York.

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