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Here’s the Dirt!

Dynagro Soils are custom blended to contain nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and most micro-nutrients for growing a wide range of plants and vegetables.  It is impossible to produce a soil matrix that is perfect for growing all crops and plants productively.  

Our soils are tested periodically by a reputable laboratory.

There are many factors to take into consideration which can impact the success of your garden. Some factors include garden placement, lack of or excessive rain, plant diseases, water quality and insects.  Gardening can be fun and challenging!

 Dynagro Garden Soil™

Our Best Selling Premium Soil


Croswell Enterprises, Marbletown NY, Route 209, Dynamulch, Soil, Landscaping Mulch


Dynagro Garden Soil™

  • Our own unique blend of Sandy Loam Topsoil and Dynamulch™ soil conditioner.
  • High in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micronutrients, and minerals with a  neutral ph.
  • 100% Organic.
  • Approved for organic use for farmers and gardeners.
  • Recommended for building raised or mounded flower and vegetable gardens.
  • Use for planting trees, shrubs or seeding lawns.
  • Amend existing garden beds.
  • Nutrient rich soil suitable for a wide range of plants and vegetables.
  • Must be kept moist for best results.


Dynagro Topsoil™

  • Less expensive alternative to Dynagro Garden Soil .
  • 100% Organic and approved for organic growing.
  • Nutrient rich soil.
  • Encourages root systems development.
  • Ideal for lawns and plants requiring a light sandy loam soil structure.
  • Use a “starter fertilizer” to “jump start” your new lawn seeding.
  • Due to the soil structure, adequate watering is required.


Screened Sandy Loam

  • Excellent base for Dynagro Garden Soil™ or Dynagro Topsoil™.
  • A natural sandy loam soil.
  • May be used for select fill or bedding material for underground utilities.



Pictured below: spring and fall of the same year.


We are an organic “green company.”

Exclusive producer of Dynamulch™ and Dynagro Soils™.

Dynamulch™ created and developed by Croswell Enterprises, LTD.

Made locally in Marbletown, Ulster County New York.


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