Commercial & Residential Driveway Installation & Renovation

Site Visit and Consultation:  $150.00 per hour plus tax

Ed Croswell, Jr. has 45 years experience installing and renovating commercial and residential driveways and parking areas with shale and gravel products. He will make your vision a reality.

New installation and renovation projects include a site visit. This visit allows Ed to assess the property conditions and address the following issues: driveway placement, drainage, ditching, crowning and grading of the surface and the type of material to be used. Ed can consult with you about your project.  

In most cases, different materials may be used. Should you have a specific product in mind he can advise if appropriate or suggest another material to compliment your property. A visit to our yard to see our various shale and gravel products is encouraged.

Once a product has been selected, Ed will provide you with a verbal estimate. If this falls within your budget and you wish to proceed, a formal contract will be drawn up and the work will be scheduled. Croswell Enterprises LTD is fully insured.

Croswell Enterprises, LTD prides itself on service and the ability to work with you to fulfill your vision. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your driveway projects.

Sorry Croswell Enterprises LTD does not do blacktop driveways or parking areas.

 ©Croswell Enterprises, LTD 2008-2018  

©Croswell Enterprises, LTD 2008-2018  

Working with Ed was a pleasure. He did what he said he would do, when he said he would do it. I was impressed by the sense of pride he took in his work as well as his knowledge of the process and materials. He was flexible in dealing with a difficult site, informative, and hard working, and the result was a highly functional and attractive drive.
— M.K. Glenford, NY
 ©Croswell Enterprises, LTD 2008-2018  

©Croswell Enterprises, LTD 2008-2018  

To say our driveway looks fantastic is an understatement, we have been working with Eddie and his very professional team for more than 20 years.

Must mention the fantastic job he does snow plowing and how much the Dynamulch makes my garden grow , I DO NOT have a green thumb …..

Don’t ever retire !!!!!
— James and Marion Smith, Homeowners