Mulch Tips & Hints


Dynamulch™ is our unique blend of our clean, composted, natural wood mulch and our nutrient rich compost. This product is a premium, organic mulch and soil conditioner formulated to help correct problems with clay and sandy soils found in our area. Dynamulch™ aids in helping your gardens adapt to our changing environment including acid rain and high sulfur emissions.

Dynamulch™ is an excellent soil conditioner/natural fertilizer, providing nutrients and minerals necessary to most plants and trees. It is dark brown/black in color and has a neutral to slightly alkaline ph. Usually no additional fertilizer or lime is needed to keep your gardens flourishing.

Mulch Application

For Garden and Landscaping Use:

• Apply 3” of Dynamulch™ to your flower beds the first year.
• If color lightens, rake the top of the mulch to restore color.
• Add 2” to 3” each year for optimum results.

For Planting Grass:

• Instead of applying straw, use Dynamulch™.
• Cover the seed with approximately ¼” of Dynamulch™ and water.
• You do not need to rake it off and the birds won’t steal your grass seed.
• Dynamulch™ will feed the new grass. Watch your grass grow!
• Add approximately ¼” of Dynamulch™ each Fall and Spring to fertilize your lawn naturally.

Application As a Soil Conditioner

• Spread approximately 3” of Dynamulch™ over your entire planting area and till into your existing soil.
• Plant your plants and trees.
• Mulch with 3” of Dynamulch™ around plantings.
• Make sure to keep well watered.
• Stand back! Enjoy the most beautiful garden you’ve ever had!
• In the Fall or next Spring till remaining Dynamulch™ into your soil. For best results, repeat these steps each Spring & Fall.

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