Here’s the Dirt!

Dynagro Soils™ are custom blended on our premises.  Our soils are specially formulated to contain nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and most micronutrients for growing a wide range of plants and vegetables.  

Ed personally oversees our suppliers and blending which allows us to maintain the same consistent high quality  year after year.  Dynagro Soils™ meet or exceed EPA guidelines and area safe for use in vegetable gardens.

Our soils are not recycled mushroom soil, stripped farm soil or shoulder scrapings.  They have not been subjected to any chemical or sprays.


Dynagro Garden Soil™

Our Best Selling Premium Soil

  • 100% All Natural.

  • Our own unique blend of Sandy Loam Topsoil and Dynamulch™ soil conditioner.

  • High in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micronutrients and minerals with a neutral ph.

  • Recommended for building raised or mounded flower and vegetable gardens.

  • For use in planting trees, shrubs or seeding lawns.

  • Amend existing garden beds.

  • Nutrient rich soil suitable for a wide range of plants and vegetables.(Please note, if you have an exotic plant or veggie we suggest researching what soil it requires as our soil may not be suitable)

  • Must be kept moist for best results.


Dynagro Topsoil™

  • 100% Compost Enriched Soil

  • Less expensive soil ideal for lawns or plants requiring a light sandy loam soil structure. Use a "starter fertilizer" to jump start your lawn.

  • Encourages root system development

  • Due to the light consistency of the soil adequate watering is recommended.

©Croswell Enterprises, LTD 2008-2019

©Croswell Enterprises, LTD 2008-2019

©Croswell Enterprises, LTD 2008-2019

©Croswell Enterprises, LTD 2008-2019

There are many factors to take into consideration which can impact the success of your garden. Some factors include garden placement, lack of or excessive rain, plant diseases, water quality, insects and the changing environment.

Gardening can be fun and challenging!


Screened Sandy Loam

  • Excellent base for Dynagro Garden Soil™ or Dynagro Topsoil™.

  • A natural sandy loam soil.

  • May be used for select fill or bedding material for underground utilities.


©Croswell Enterprises, LTD 2008-2019

©Croswell Enterprises, LTD 2008-2019

Pictured above: spring and fall of the same year.

Sit back and relax!

Sit back and relax!