We use Croswell products for all our landscaping projects and to propagate woodland wildflowers . Dynamulch™ is especially excellent for native plants that thrive on organic, composted vegetation and do not need the high doses of animal nitrogen that is often found in artificially created top soils. Plants flourish in it without any chemical fertilizer. Croswell’s consistent, high quality products, and professional staff, make my job easier and my customers happy. I’ve had clients “ooh” and “ahh” as the Dynamulch™ comes pouring out of the cleanest dump truck in Ulster County. When people ask me how to nurture their gardens, I suggest they pay attention to watering and put a new layer of Dynamulch™ on each spring.

It’s all growing in Dynamulch™!
— Francis & Diane Groeters, Catskill Native Nursery & Green Witch Gardens, Catskill Native Nursery & Green Witch Gardens 607 Samsonville Rd Kerhonkson NY 12446 845-626-2758 http://www.catskillnativenursery.com/


Dynamulch™:  How Do I Love Thee?  Let Me Count the Ways

Number 8:  The Croswell Staff is helpful and efficient every step of the way.

Number 7:  According to one of my clients, it’s JUMP BACK MULCH.  Just put it around your plants and get out of the way.

Number 6:  With regular use, it even turns Ulster County’s rocky ridge soil into gardening fluff.

Number 5:  It comes in big shiny trucks with helpful handsome drivers.

Number 4:  It’s quality is always consistent.  Gardening is unpredictable enough.  I don’t want to be surprised by my mulch!

Number 3:  Even though it’s brown, it’s also GREEN.  It uses a local and renewable resource and provides a wonderfully useful byproduct that improves our gardening environment.  And did I mention, it conserves moisture and cuts down on weeding, too.

Number 2:  It doesn’t come in plastic bags — unless you want it to.

And Number 1:  There’s no better way to make your bed look more attractive, and although a rake might come in handle, it never needs ironing!

Victoria Coyne, 

Victoria Gardens
1 Cottekill Rd
Rosendale, NY  12472


"I’ve known Eddie from Croswell Enterprises my whole life. Over the years he’s developed many soils, amendments and mulches. Most notably for me and my customers is his Dynamulch™. This is a product that is used at first as a mulch, where it goes down a dark, rich brown color and lightens slightly as it dries. Underneath the soil stays moist and soft and welcomes the nutrient rich tea that leaches from the Dynamulch™ during rains. The following year the mulch is turned into the soil improving the soil structure and organic content. I use this mulch on my home gardens and the gardens at my business, Davenport’s Farm Stand in Stone Ridge, NY. I welcome you to come and see my display gardens at my farm stand and see for yourself how the perennials come back huge and the annuals thrive. You’ll become a believer too."

Bruce Davenport, Davenport Farms, 

3411 Us Highway 209

Stone Ridge, NY

(845) 687-2204


Ode to Croswell

Delightfully friendly when we call,
with scheduling that is right on the ball.
The compost is so dark and loamy,
the topsoil is never stony,
and to the Dynamulch™, the worms say yippee!
Promptly delivered in a cutting edge truck,
expertly piled, that never gets stuck.
Here it comes, all smart, spic, and span,
driven by a most handsome mustachioed man!

Seriously though, great people and great product. As a business we appreciate their punctuality and consistent products. As gardeners we love the organic, well tested Dynagro™ and the gorgeous Dynamulch™.
— Dirty Girls Design, 845-626-1310

"Rusty Plough Farm grows certified organic vegetables and flowers. We have been using Dynamulch™ from Croswell Enterprises since 2002. We apply Dynamulch™ to our crops in one of two ways. For most of our vegetables we till in Dynamulch™ prior to the start of planting. For freshly planted garlic and strawberries we mulch heavily with Dynamulch™ in the fall. We have had excellent results and terrific yields with great uniformity in growth.

Over the years Dynamulch™ has been uniform in consistency and has been free from debris and trash which is not always the case for other suppliers of mulches and compost.

We have relied on Croswell Enterprises to deliver a superior product for years now and have never been disappointed in the quality of the product or in their excellent service provided by their staff."

Oleh Maczaj, Rusty Plough Farm, 

Oleh & Nadia Maczaj
Rusty Plough Farm
331 Dowe Road Ellenville, NY 12428


"Croswell's Dynamulch makes the difference! This is my first time working with Dynamulch and I have been really impressed with the happy, healthy plants it fosters. The Dynamulch acts as a soil conditioner AND helps retain moisture in the soil while suppressing weeds. The best proof I have had of it's effectiveness is with the cucumbers. I transplanted two beds of cucumbers. About a week later one bed got a generous helping of Dynamulch. We ran out of time and didn't get to put it on the second bed. A week later there was a dramatic difference in the plants. The bed with Dynamulch looked beautiful; the plants were thriving and were a deep green and much bigger than the plants in the other bed. The happy plants are pictured below (if I were more savvy at Facebook I would post both pictures, but I haven't figured that out yet). The plants in the bed without Dynamulch were smaller, less vibrant and the leaves showed signs of water stress. Besides the Dynamulch, the beds had been treated exactly the same! Most plants get about three inches of Dynamulch applied to their bed after transplanting. You can learn more about it at http://croswellenterprises.com/dynamulchlandscapemulch.htm"

South Pine Street City Farm

June 26, 2013 · 


Home Gardeners

On behalf of the Garden group and the entire congregation I would like to thank you for your generous donation of mulch again. I don’t know if Cheryl told you that our gardens won an award from the Garden Club in New Paltz. Your wonderful mulch is the icing on the cake. Not only is it good for the soil it highlights the flower beds and enhances our church grounds.

We take every opportunity to tell people how wonderful the mulch is and promote your products as often as we can. We also tell everyone how generous you are to the church. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

My husband Glenn and I also use your mulch at our house here and in Saratoga. Your mulch is great and everyone there is always so pleasant.

Thanks again,
— Anne Zaccheo-Phillips, Reformed Church of New Paltz

"As I was falling asleep last night I thought of my spring garden so, of course, I thought about Dynamulch from Croswell’s. Who doesn’t dream about a delivery of mulch, and the pleasure of spreading it around the beds? I dreamt about it for years before I called you. But I’d like to thank you all for more than the mulch. You’ve helped us with digging holes, removing debris and snow, building berms, shaping the driveway, placing huge stones, brush hogging the field and more. And it even looks easy when you do it! Thank you…."

Ferris Cook, home gardener

"More than ten years ago the flower beds next to our Chapel needed help.  We spent hours pulling wheelbarrows of weeds; the annuals looked scrawny; and worst of all the clay was harder than ever.

The following spring we purchased soaker hoses and weed blocker fabric.  However, the best improvement was a load of Croswell’s Dynamulch.  The weeds disappeared, and the annuals began to flourish.  But most importantly, the soil began to change.

Each year we remove the weed blocker and hoses; then we till last year’s Dynamulch into the soil.  Now our soil looks like black velvet.  Truly this is an answer to our prayers.  May God bless the Croswells!"

The Daughters of Mary Saint Joseph’s Chapel


Thanks for the great topsoil and excellent delivery service. You should be very proud of the business you started and are running so well.
— Betty & Dick Davenport

"Croswell Enterprises was very easy to work with, very supportive of our limited funds for our new garden installation.  They were very accommodating as the amount of mulch that we needed changed within a very short period of time.  Their driver was very courteous, prompt and worked with us to put the soil and mulch where it would be easiest for our volunteers to haul to the garden beds.  Dynamulch™ is the best around, and our plantings thrived in it all summer.  The gardens look wonderful and people have really noticed- we even had a couple take their wedding pictures on the grounds!  Many people at our recent Christmas Carol program remarked how wonderful the gardens looked, even in the winter weather!  We plan to use Dynamulch™ every year to ensure the continued health and growth of our beautiful new gardens!

Thank you again for being so helpful."

Mary Henry, Ulster County Historical Society



Benny’s Pizzeria

Anybody who lives in or around Stone Ridge knows Benny’s Pizzeria. He has the best pizza around but he also keeps his grounds beautifully landscaped. Every year we deliver soil and mulch because he also loves to grow his own herbs and veggies for those delicious pies. Here's a picture of one of Benny’s gardens. Enjoy!  Benny would have written this himself but he’s too busy cooking!

Croswell’s wonderful “ingredients” (soil, mulch) have yielded the beautiful result that you see.
— PB